Zoë is a Bedfordshire based artist in the UK. She studied Fine Art in Nottingham between 2011-2014. She also did a taxidermy course with George Jamieson in Edinburgh in 2013. Zoë has many sources of inspiration with a particular love for paintings by Francis Bacon and film work by Jan Svankmajer. 

Zoë paints to tell her stories and to get how she feels out in the open. Painting for her, feels like a diary which she uses as a confessional, visual outlet. Her paintings are very honest and vulnerable but also aggressive in the blatant exposure of themes and symbolism.


I am the figures in the paintings and the creatures in the sculptures– I feel a disturbing affinity with each of them. 


The fragility and feral nature of being human runs through her work, juxtaposed with our societal containment via taught behaviours, rules and regulations. Zoë uses the real and the artificial to reflect this conflict she finds prevalent in society. The animals, wood, fur and bone interacting with the artificial, manmade form, either from clay, plasticine or resin. They tend to have a comical yet grotesque presence, engaging curiosity and reflecting the contrast of human behaviour. 

My art is my processing playtime. I need to keep creative otherwise I'll explode or deflate - sometimes all at once.